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The BRIGHT 700-10 Advanced Thermostat is a real-time energy consumption monitoring and home energy management monitor system. It features a 7″ multi-touch screen display running on Microsoft Windows embedded Compact 7, integrating an 802.11n Wi-Fi Radio and ZigBee Radio.

The BRIGHT 700-10 manages the HVAC system, electrical outlets and monitors energy consumption. It also features a music player, current local weather forecasts, and fully functional home automation capabilities. The BRIGHT 700-10 Advanced Thermostat provides a solution to better managing consumer energy usage.

Homeowners can now manage their HVAC system with advanced scheduling programing, create comfort zones; specify temperatures set points, and save energy with a pre-defined energy start temperature settings. The BRIGHT 700-10 not only helps manage the HVAC system, it will help save energy by combining the features of thermostat with HEMS (Home Energy Management System). It can be set to turn off unnecessary lights, appliances, and electronic devices when not in use or when there is no one home.

Consumers can see current outdoor weather conditions and the forecast directly on the display screen.

Radar and Satellite views are also available.

Monitor and review current energy consumption of appliances, electronics, and other connected devices. Review energy usage by different profiles including 24hr, 7Day, Monthly, and Yearly. Consumers can also view reports by zones or specific devices. This will help identify peak consumption hours and calculate energy consumption costs.

Graphical charts and easy to read reports can provide quick information about energy usage. Using this information will help create better programing schedules to turn off unnecessary devices when not needed, allowing the consumer to save energy and money.

With BRIGHT 700-10 fast 802.11N wireless capabilities, the device connects to the cloud and performs real time backup of its configuration, device information, and energy usage consumption data. All data of the household is safely backed up on the cloud. If the homeowner ever decides to move from one house to another, they can bring their data with them.

Energy costs and conservation can be achieved by turning off appliances that are not in use. With the BRIGHT 700-10 consumers can manage their devices directly from the BRIGHT 700-10 screen utilizing 3 capacitive sensing buttons: “Home, Sleep or Away”. Customize these programs to have the HVAC system and appliances turned off whenever consumer decides.

With the BRIGHT 700-10 Home Automation feature, consumers can turn off or dim the lights, or power off appliances by using the user friendly UI. There is no need to go to the other rooms to do this.

Besides having standard support for the most common HVAC equipment, the BRIGHT 700-10 will connect with Tri Cascade’s line of Energy Management Products like BRIGHT 20-10 Electrical Outlet and BRIGHT 60-10 Dimmers. Together they provide the best home solution for energy management and HVAC control. The following illustration shows some of the common setup configurations:

DIMENSION 21.5 x 21.5 x 4.53 cm
PROCESSOR FreeScale IMX28X Series Processor
SCREEN 7" LCD Screen 800 x 480 Capacity Touch Screen
WIRELESS IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, ZigBee Radio
I/O CONNECTIONS RCr / Rh / C / Y1 / Y2 / W1 / W2 / G / OB / Fan2 / Fan3 / HVAC Ports
RS485DP / RS485DM
1 x RS-485 Port
1 x UART Port / RS232
1 x Audio Out Port
USB Type A Female
1 x OTG USB Port
DB9 Connector
1 x RS232
RJ45 Port
1 x Ethernet
SD CARD 1 x Secure Digital Card Port
LED LIGHTS 2 x Blue, 3 x Green, 2 x Orange
7 LED Lights
BUTTONS Home, Sleep, Away
3 x Capacitive Buttons
Heat, Cool, Off, Up, Down,Fan On, Auto
8 x Tactile Buttons
Reset System
1 x Pinhole Button
POWER 5V Input Power
1 x DC Jack
3 x AA Batteries