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Save energy with The BRIGHT Smart Touch Dimmer. With Touch Sensitive Pads you can turn on, off, or dim incandescent or dimmable CFL light bulbs. Together with BRIGHT 700 Energy Gateway Thermostat you can control your lighting wirelessly, create custom operation schedules based on your personal preferences. Supporting Zigbee HA Profile with energy metering you can see in real time the energy consumption of your connected light bulbs with ± 0.5% accuracy.

The BRIGHT Smart Dimmer connects with Tri Cascade’s line of Energy Management Products like the BRIGHT 700-10 Energy Gateway Thermostats and BRIGHT Intelligent Receptacles. Together they provide the best solution for energy management in the home. The following illustration shows some of the common setup configurations:

Input Power: 120V AC

Protocol: IEEE 802.15.4 / ZigBee

Maximum Load Power: 600W

Touch Pad: Capacitive Sensor

Operating Ambient: Temperature -50~122°F

Humidity Max: 95%RH

Product Dimension: 4.5″H x 2.75″W x 1.48″D